Promotion of cultural heritage and channel for communication between artist and attraction organizers.


The inevitable place of cultural dialogue, cooperation and promotion of cultural content.

Target groups

Visitors who will use content for tourist and educational purposes

Cultural stakeholders who will be able to offer and promote their own artistic content and create new events in search of co-operation

About the platform

The platform represents an original tool for organizing tourist manifestations with cultural and artistic content. Purpose of the platform is to promote less known destination and their cultural heritage through the prism of culture and experience of local artists. The platform promotes short films created within the project, which, with the eyes of the artist, tell a story about less known destinations. The platform is mediator between artists who offer cultural programmes and organizers of tourist events who needs those programmes to enrich their tourist offer (tourist board & offices, museums, theatres, art cinemas, etc.), besides platform provides complex base of cultural content and events.

The added value of the platform is an interactive map where you can find natural and cultural landmarks and other useful inputs for both domestic and foreign visitors. Collaboration through the platform will greatly facilitate the organization of cross-border events and will thus ensure the continued cooperation of Italy and Croatia in the creation of tourist-based cultural heritage offerings, with the possibility of expanding to other regions and countries.

To the platform you can accessed as a guest or as a registered user who will be able to see other users profiles and their projects. Registered users are able to publish their own audio-visual artistic and informative content on cultural-tourist offerings, which become available in the users base.